About Me

Colouring with some little ones
 at the Bowen, Youth Arts Festival.
I'm sure you may have guessed already; my name is Roxanne Roberts. I am a high school teacher (for the last 11 years) in Queensland Australia, and I write and illustrate a series of children's books titled Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things.
Courtesy of Trish McNeil Photography in the Whitsundays: Me 'n my boys

I am  the mother of two amazing and wonderful boys (I may be just a little biased on this one), one whom is 16, and the other 4 years old. Currently, I am living in a small mining community in North Queensland; cyclones, earthquakes and other natural forces aside, this is a wonderful community to live in and be involved with.

The reason I choose to write these children's stories is that I have a passion for encouraging children to read and to believe in magic and miracles. Let's face it, magic happens everyday and miracles are present in a lot of ways in our lives. I mean sure, no one's waving a magic wand and turning people into toads in my town (can only speak for myself here), but there IS magic and adventure. Children grow and learn through play and the use of their imagination. We are only as strong as our imagination and faith begins in childhood. One of my primary goals as a high school math teacher (yes I AM that brave and fearless *laugh*) is to raise the confidence levels of my students and have them start to think outside of the box. This is where problem solving and mathematical ability begins, and this is also how our children gain the strength and courage not to just be the same as everyone else and to walk their own path. This is SO important to our global community. Because the students I teach are in their teenage years, a lot of them have already forgotten the magic of their imagination; hence I felt the need to write stories for younger children to encourage that belief to stay with them. I love going to story time at my local library and reading my stories to our young ones.

I love trees,
 they bring such peace and comfort.
The purpose or ethos behind keeping this blog is to share some of the experiences I have had, and continue to have along my own life journey. In this way, I endeavour to inspire others to reach out for the happiness and joy which is their birth right, to bring comfort where it is needed (and maybe a kick in the pants when it is needed *smile*), to provide tools for living your dream that i have discovered for myself along the way that you can choose or not depending on your own journey. So, I openly and candidly write about my experiences so that in some small way I might help others in having an easier path or in finding their way back.

I believe in magic and the power of words to help people heal and forgive. My life's purpose is to do this; to use words, to assist others in healing, forgiving and living from a place of love rather than from their ego. Through these blog posts, my stories and through my art work, with the constant guidance of my divine team, I endeavour to help the world heal and to bring about the moment when we no longer look at each others differences, but instead, embrace the beauty of our similarities.

With love and light
Again Courtesy of Trish McNeil Photography


  1. Thanks for sharing about yourself. It is truly wonderful to know you and to see the work you create. I find you and your actions inspirational, with love and big hugs from your Star Sister.

  2. I just read this again and STILL feel awe inspired about who you are and that you and I are Star sisters. Yay, we join forces and watch out.

  3. Kids n Critters you are a shinning star! Your words have bought a bit of a tear to my eye (sentimental sob) because it is so amazingly wonderful to be so thoroughly embraced just for being who you are. Thank you for that precious gift