Thursday, 16 August 2012

Accept love

I walk through the world sometimes, I look at the people around me, I reflect on moments in my past and I wonder what "changed" for people? What changed to move them (and me at times) from the awe filled, wonder struck, loving and non-judgemental beings that we are all born fearful, resistant and closed beings? 

I think one of the reasons is the lack of acceptance for self. There are a lot of things we could "blame" for this (media, actions of others, situations) however, I am fond of saying to my students when they have done the wrong thing, "Everyone, all people, have a reason for their choice in behaviour, everyone....this however, does not give and EXCUSE for the choice or mitigate the consequences." This is very quickly followed by, "You did it, you own it, you make restitution for it, you move on!" 

While we are not talking here about misbehaviour of a teenager pushing a boundary...I think the concept still applies.

We are who we are, none of us perfect, all of us making choices that given time, and a little more information we may not have made. However, our state of being, our way of being and the consequences of these choices reside within us. We have all the information we need inside of us to make reality match our expectations...all we have to do is love...beginning with ourselves. 

Open your heart to accepting that you are a part of a divine and amazing creation and that to join in the beauty and the wholeness of it all, we only have to be open to giving and receiving love, becoming a perfect conduit for love energy and shining our own unique light on the world.

A plant does not feel guilt over taking the suns light and transforming it into energy, an animal faces no dilemma over not sharing its personal space and sacred places with other animals, the butterfly is not concerned that its life span is only a few days. 

We are not required to either.

It's just about love, it is all about love, because only love is based in reality.

With love and light

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