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Part of the work that I am guided to do is to create images for inspirational and comforting post cards. These cards are designed to be used in helping us to help others. I don't think about the pictures or in anyway have control over who will pop out of the page next; I am merely the instrument through which they appear. Each image comes with a message which I then have printed on the back of the card.

I often just use a ball point pen to create the images; other than the fact that it is a handy medium to carry around with me, it seems that the depth and feeling of the image is far more profound when I use just one colour.

In the end, I guess this is just one more vehicle through which I can pass on those messages I am asked to.

Pictures speak volumes I find. Being a visual person myself, I love the impact of an image with a few powerful words to back up the sentiment.

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  1. It already does feel fantastic and the cards do the 'look' thing all by themselves. xoxox