Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Letting go of all things negative

OK, so I read a quote today that said, "Letting go of negative people doesn't mean you hate them. It just means that you love yourself." Not only do I whole heartedly agree with this statement, I am going to take it further than that. It is not only negative people, but negative experiences as well.

Negativity is a force, a force that can influence the way we think feel and the way we see every experience around us. However, while negative (or seemingly) things may happen, and negative people may choose to come into our lives and our spaces and attempt to influence us....we have a choice as to whether we allow ourselves to be impacted beyond that first moment.

One of my beautiful, yet sometimes recalcitrant students was sitting in the office as I walked passed today. I stopped and looked at him a moment, he hung his head. I asked, "Please, please don't tell me you are here for doing the wrong thing?" He replied, "Nah, nah Miss, it's all the other idiots, they made me." I stopped him by lowering my own gaze to look at my feet. When he stopped talking, I very quietly said, "The only persons behaviour, that you have ANY control over, is your own. You had a choice. Next time hey?" I looked into his face for a moment longer and then moved away. This moment stuck with me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because I knew that moment was going to make a difference to this precious being and I rejoiced that I had found the right words at the right moment in order to be able to teach him this simple truth. How amazing are our divine team!!!!!????? Yooohooo for the opportunity for us both in that moment. The second reason this moment stuck with me is because, like most messages I am asked to deliver, it also had meaning for me. 

There are moments in time when I get a little caught up in recounting experiences that happen to me. I call it "venting" and tell my closest friends those moments, sometimes more than once. I remembered in this moment, with this student, that I was making a choice to empower negative experiences by dwelling on them. I inadvertently gave power to negative people and gave them permission to influence me by thinking about them and THEIR choice of action hours and sometimes even days after the event had occurred!

I choose now to breathe out all negativity, to release it from my circle of influence and leave it with the people or situations that created it. The actions of others are outside of anything I could control. However, my response and whether I give my permission for negativity to have an affect on me is certainly well within my jurisdiction...and I choose NO!

With love and light (and the choice to just let it go)

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