Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Relax, you're safe!

I wonder through life at the moment finding that there is nothing that can make me mad, I mean truly mad, not just annoyed for a minute, there is nothing that can make me feel guilt, shame or any of those other very human emotions. There is nothing that has the power or ability to shatter my calm and my sense of balance....

...when I realise this, I went, "HOLY COW! WOOOOHOOOOO!"... *laugh*

So, then I get to wandering how this could be, since there are plenty of reasons I could be stressed, could be angry and frustrated, have the potential to be embarrassed or guilty about. So.....what's the go?

Then, I hear this little voice whisper to me, "relax, you're safe." I took a really deep breath, I closed my eyes for a brief moment and revelled in the warm and fuzzy feeling creeping down from my head to my toes! "That's right," I reminded myself. 

You see, it is really hard to get upset, angry, frustrated, embarrassed, guilty or fearful when you KNOW there are an entire team of angels and divine beings, a beautiful Earth and Universal spirit that is looking out for me. With all that I am learning (and sharing) I have no idea why I was momentarily surprised that I was not being impacted by negativity any more.

This is the power of hope, faith, trust and belief. No matter what you choose to call your spiritual connection; if you place your trust and faith in it and choose belief and a deep love of yourself over martyrdom and denial of the beauty that is uniquely you...WOW...amazing the power, confidence and tranquillity that is the result.

Follow your heart, follow the promptings of your intuition and relax, you are safe.

With love and light

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