Saturday, 25 January 2014

To my twin soul....

I have heard often about the twin soul or twin flame idea, and I fully believe that we have an "other" and not always are they meant to be our life partner. Sometimes, they are our best friend, our team mate, our relative or have some other relationship to us. However, having said that, i think we all secretly wish that our twin soul is our life long partner *smile.

I decided that I would write a letter to my twin, I haven't met them yet, but I wanted to send out to the universe that I was ready. It was a brilliant and healing exercise for me, so I thought I would share it with you all and suggest that maybe this is not a bad healing exercise, especially if you're feeling a bit low. 

I called it a sending because I am sending this message out into the universe for action....

My dear Beloved,

As much as I want to meet you and be with you, as much as my soul yearns to reach out and embrace yours to combine with the very stuff the universe is made from, there are some things I must first know...

Can you love? Can you fully be with me in the moments we may have alone together? Can you forget, I mean truly forget all else in those moments and see only you and I combined?

Can you nurture? Can you offer succour when I am hurt without me asking and without question?

Can you worship and be worshipped in return? Can your touch be tender and filled with all of the love, wonder and joy the universe gives to every moment?

Can you let go? Can you release yourself and me from feelings of guilt, hate, judgement and harm when the time comes? Can you walk away from the moment and feel only the joy that is present and the love that surrounds it?

Can you remember? Can you look upon me and recall our divine origins?

Can you share? Can you be genuine, honest and forthright in all of your interactions with me? Can you share your passions and your joys, and are you willing to share mine? Can you converse freely in all matters and know that love supersedes all judgement and all other feelings despite that our humanness means that these things will creep into our conscious at times?

Can you send me away? If a time comes when our joining does not meet our higher purpose, can you tell me and send me away so that we may both be happy?

Beloved, these things are most important to me and to us both. So while my soul hungers to be with yours, and while my body aches in longing for that first gentle touch, that first kiss; I would walk away now beloved, so that I may meet you again in this life when our journey's are truly ready to combine.

Know this, we have met before and loved before. We are joined across the ages and through all of space and time. If we cannot physically touch, meet, or be one in this life time, in this present moment, then I will find you again in the next.

Come if you can, I miss you

With love and light

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