Monday, 25 April 2011

Staying strong and focused

Today I learnt this lesson in a very complete way. I also learnt that what I felt was being strong and focused was actually another form of procrastination.

For a very long time I have had a goal to bring healing and positive energy to all people I contact, but in particular, to be able to teach others the things I have learnt myself on my spiritual journey (and continuing journey). In fact, this is exactly the contract I signed before taking this mortal form. Free will being what it is and ego being what it is (as well as a bit of divine timing) it has taken me this long to actually start to manifest these things strongly enough to be able to actually fulfill this goal and make it a reality.

In the mean time though, there have been incredibly tough times that have been difficult to "weather" so to speak. Plenty of times that I have made excuses for following the "wrong" path or for relying on a crutch rather than making decisions despite being afraid. There have been times when I have been paralysed by inaction and procrastination because I was afraid. Afraid of being too strong, afraid of not being successful, afraid I was slightly delusional and would be committed to an asylum if I shouted out about what I know to be truth, afraid of judgement and ostracism. Quite simply afraid.

During these times, I have still held on to the "dream" if not the goal. However, having said that, these times of great fear and inaction due to that fear, have been the times when I have struggled to make ends meet and my goal has progressed at a very slow rate. These are the times when I have not been fulfilling my true life's purpose and therefore the times when life has not only seemed difficult...but unbearable. These times have resulted in physical trauma and emotional distress.

I relearned today...the best thing I can do when these moments have popped up, when my ego is trying to sabotage my ask for help. Today I sought guidance from two mortal healers as well as my divine guides and I asked for their help.

There are a few people I confide everything to in the pure trust, faith and confidence that when I falter, and my feet slip on the path and I feel like sitting down and crying rather than moving forward fearlessly, that I can speak to these people and have myself picked up, dusted off (given a kick up the pants if I need it too) and move on.

The best way to get what you want/need in a timely manner is to stay strong and focused on your goal and your ideal. The best way to stay that way, is to have people around you who can lend you their strength when your step falters.  :D

My heartfelt and humble gratitude to the two amazing, selfless and firm earth guides. The next step on my journey began today with your help and support xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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