Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Today I am filled to capacity with the energy that comes from a re birthing of my connection to the Earth and the divine within.
The very clear message was given to me today to relinquish my need for control and to move forward without fear. To continue on my path with head held high and shoulders thrown back.
The words I write to you each day are not only messages I am asked to pass along to others, but ones I take to my heart and follow myself. I am reborn today and filled with my sense of purpose and my dedication to follow my dream and be delighted with each new discovery I make.
This very morning, I hear clearly (more than ever before) the message to step one foot in front of the other and take the path at it is presented to me. To allow the universe and my team of divine guides to illuminate the way as I am ready to see it, to trust with faith, intuition, love and respect all of the things I see and feel and most importantly, relinquish the feeling that I need to be in complete and utter control of all things around me. The feeling that I cannot move forward unless I clearly see the next ten steps/actions I am to take.
For someone who has lived the last 35 years with a sense that I should/can/have to control all that happens in my world, I have unwittingly fettered myself with a leash that chains me to servitude and limits my ability to live and experience the mortal realm at its most lively and fullest. This has been a momentous discovery really. For some of you reading this you may sigh that it has taken me such a long time to realise that only in letting go of the need to control my "destiny" and in putting all of my faith, trust and fears in the hands of the divine can I truly fulfill the purpose that I signed up for. After all, this is really what the last few posts were/are about. For some of you reading this, I image you feel as dumb struck as I do right now. It is so simple, and yet has filled me to the brim with renewed energy and sense of purpose.
There is a big difference in knowing information and understanding it. It is when we take the leap from the knowing into the understanding that everything seems new and shiny and perfect.

Today is a magical day, filled with the light of love, forgiveness and intuition.

I forgive my mortal self for taking such a long time to make this step and I love the direction I am now heading.

With love and light

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