Friday, 30 September 2011

Make a commitment to yourself

There is no one single thing that will make more of an impact to your own life than making a commitment to yourself and keeping it. Not just any old commitment either; a commitment to love who you are, forgive your mistakes and live your life in a way that makes YOU feel proud (not anyone else...YOU).

I find it helps to verbalise this commitment and to repeat it often.

An activity that may assist you in this is to sit down and write marriage vows...yep, that's right, wedding vows as though you were writing a message and making a vow of commitment to the one you love the most in the world. What would you say to that person? Would you promise them understanding, loyalty, to stand by them through the best and worst of occurrences? Would you pledge to love them completely (faults and all) and to look after them when they don't feel their best? Would you commit yourself mind, body and soul to the love of your life? Would you stand by them and support them no matter the mistakes they may or may not make? Would you commit to helping them build their dreams and encourage them to live their life?

All of these things are commitments you would benefit from making to yourself! You are important, you are loved, you are necessary to the world around you AND, most importantly, you are worthy of this level of commitment from yourself and those around you.

By making a commitment to love, support, stand by, nurture and forgive yourself, you can do no greater service for the world!

With love and light

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