Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Second lesson from a three year old

I spoke yesterday of the wisdom of my three year old, he is a treasure trove of lessons and learning; through interacting and engaging with him on his level (infinitely more self developed than me) I am constantly learning. We as adults, have this impression and perception that because we've lived longer, we know more than children! I actually doubt this a lot of times. I have more life experiences from this world, whereas, he knows so much more than me on some things...

Conversation today as my three year old bought me his 'food making machine made of leggo.' "Wow _________, that's awesome! You are so amazingly clever, how do you come up with these things?"
His reply?
"Well, I see it in here," as he points to the space between his eyes, "you know, in my imagination eye. But I know I have to make it real for you to see, so I just make it real."


What is the response to that? He knows already what it has taken the better part of three decades for me to know! He manifests his reality and accepts that not only is it possible, it is inevitable that the reality will match the "imaginality!" OH...MY...GOODNESS! Humbled.

With love and light

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