Wednesday, 8 February 2012


One of the things I really love about working with children is how authentic they are, especially the young ones. They haven't learnt yet to hide who they really are, or to try to be someone or something just because it is expected of them or they think they "should". The majority of young children are just who they are, there is no pretending or trying to be something else. Deep down they know and they haven't forgotten, that who we are, the beautiful unique person we are born to be is not only enough for happiness, it is essential.

So many times I have witnessed people trying to be something other than who they really are, saying things they don't mean in order to impress, taking actions that they feel will be more acceptable rather than following their own hearts and the guidance of their divine team.

This makes me feel so sad.

We are all beautiful and divinely loved beings. The very soul of who we are is not changeable, because it is perfect already. It is only when we change our behaviour in order to conform or please someone else that we tend to get ourselves into a spot of trouble.

Look that beautiful being in the mirror in the eye and ask them to remember the perfection of them; remind them to be their wonderful selves regardless of what they think they "should" be (gee I dislike the word "should"), because they are amazing and worthy of everything they desire.

With love and light

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