Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Consequence for action

*Takes a great big, deep, healing and cleansing breath*

That feels better!

I was confronted today by a concept I take for granted, however, was stunned to find I may be in the minority.
One of the key principles I vowed I would teach my own children is the fact that EVERY action has a consequence. It is a cause and affect type of thing...in this, intentions are irrelevant...

  • Those harsh words that were intended as a joke....actually hurtful, mean and made someone feel bad even though it may not have been intended.

  • Running through a crowded area because you were in a hurry...bowled over another person and they received a physical injury which of course was never intended.

  • Speak rashly and harshly to another person because you have had a bad day...hurt, betrayal and possibly loss of that person's trust, definitely not what was intended.

These are quite obvious examples.

What I was confronted with today, were people choosing to make or accept excuses for the unintentional outcomes or the consequences of someone's actions and therefore, not actually participate in ensuring this message sunk in.

My heart hurts for these people. A basic principle I use to guide my life direction and my actions is forethought to the consequences in terms of the affect on others. I'm not perfect at it obviously, however, along with love and forgiveness, this is the third most important driving principle. In enabling others to make excuses for their behaviour rather than accepting that they made a mistake and therefore accept the consequences, they are teaching these people that it is OK to be totally self serving, that your own needs and rights are actually MORE important than the needs and rights of anyone else rather than equal, that no matter the action, if you can come up with a good enough excuse, then there are (or shouldn't be) any consequences because you, "Didn't mean it" or "Couldn't help it." Why teach anyone this kind of victim mentality when you could empower them by teaching them to own their choices, take consequences when they arise with love and forgiveness, to take control of their actions and reap the rewards of being able to choose your own direction????

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one, perhaps I am a little black and white on this issue?

The way I see it, live it and experience it is to KNOW that every action I take creates an affect and causes a consequence; both good and less than positive. In knowing this, I CHOOSE my actions and take control of my destiny.

With love and light


  1. Totally agree. Many humans have been raised with the 'non-responsible' mentality which makes them try harder and harder to both excuse their actions and to try to bring us other types into their dreary world. I intend otherwise and will continue to do so. I love that I am more protected environment now even though the loving beings still try. xoxox

    1. I'm glad it is not just me Kidz n' Critters :D
      I wonder what will happen if a future is allowed to progress where no one is responsible or accountable for anything? Of course, this is an idle speculation since I create the reality of the space I live in..smile...in my space, all people accept with love that there are consequences for every action.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts

  2. I find i am the ONLY one in my circle of friends that is willing to be like this. I am the first to acede to their wishes. I am first to be tolerant of their human ways & i am the first one to apologise if need be! However my tolerance levels are lowering with age and even when honest & open communication appears to fail I am losing relationships lots!

    1. It is sad isn't it Kristy, that a sense of personal integrity and honesty can be the reason some people push you away. In the long run though, I think I would rather that the people who won't be honest or accept the consequences for their actions in love and with respect, find another space to be in other than mine.
      Love to you