Sunday, 18 March 2012

Feeling rather than thinking

Lately, as I have written these posts, I have "had " to wait until quite late at night in order to "find the time" to do it undisturbed. I was thinking about this tonight as I sat down after having a conversation with a light worker friend of mine about how "tired" we were feeling from all of the "work" we had been doing. We were both having a few problems in processing language, tired enough to slur words, to have to ask for a lot of things to be repeated or stated in a different way in order to understand them. Yet, as I sit down to type this post, and it is later again, it seems I have absolutely no trouble what-so-ever in using language!?! Strange????

Not really.

When we are fully "switched on" so to speak, there is always the chance of our human nature interpreting and placing different meaning on the conversations that we have with our divine team. A rested brain will easily dismiss something as coincidence if you're not on the look out for it, or even tell you that you're imagining the whole thing. The "tired" brain, especially mine I have found *laugh* does not go to any effort to sabotage me. So, when I am writing these posts, I operate solely on feeling. I am most certainly not thinking about my use of language or writing excellent prose (I'll wait for a minute for the gasp of surprise*smile), all I am doing is writing whatever comes in to my head in the moment I sit down, acting as it were, as a conduit of information.

I find now that when I try too hard, it is actually my human brain at work rather than me listening to the messages of my divine team. If I am well rested (a state I most definitely prefer by the way) and I want to have a conversation with my team, I go into my garden and potter around for a bit, pulling a weed here, checking for ripe fruit there, just sitting and looking mostly. I go off into what I like to call "pixie land", babies do it a lot, staring at nothing with glazed over's a bit like that. In this way, human nature and human thinking brain switches off; divinely inspired, feeling brain switches on and the conversation begins!

If you are finding that the messages and signs you seem to be getting are a little contradictory or not quite in sync, perhaps your human brain is interfering a little and trying to "think" your way through rather than feel and use your intuition. Sit and stare at some flowers for a bit *laugh* or find some other way to switch off that thinking brain, you may find this will help.

With love and light

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