Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A funny, weird day today

I really wasn't going to write a post tonight because I feel a bit weird (or maybe that should be weirder *laugh*) today. I feel restless, a little bit lost, I am procrastinating, am "unproductive", am floating around doing nothing and feeling like I "should" be doing something but don't know what.... I'm sure you know this story and have had one of these days as well???

I know in my heart, that when I have these moments, even if they are a WHOLE day *snort* that what I am being asked to do is to stop, slow down, take some deep breaths and deal with "stuff".

By this I mean that my team has effectively put a halt to forward movement for this moment so that they can get some things sorted behind the scenes, so that I can clear myself of any residual gremlin moments, practise letting go, forgiving and loving, and a whole heap of other things that don't actually require my "doing" anything. So, I have a "fluffy" day like today.

I am human though, and a human who likes to feel productive and motivated and engaged fully in the task I have set myself whether it is doing the dishes or illustrating my next book doesn't matter...full engagement and enthusiasm. So, when one of these days comes along (and it's not often) I actually get a bit cranky with myself and the rest of the world for a minute or two *sigh*

Invariably, during this day or moment, "something" (we all know who *smile*) will remind me about the concept of perfect and divine timing, patience and loving the moment I am in....

I got this message a few moments ago.

I gave myself a shake, took some deep breaths, felt a little better and decided it might be helpful to share my thoughts on this with you all. 

When the divine needs you to stop and take a moment, you may as well make it happen, there is no point in fighting it *smile* take time out and attempt patience in the mean time.

With love and light

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