Sunday, 22 April 2012

Who do you answer to?

I know that we all have obligations, commitments we make to others in our lives, our friends, our families; but, who do you answer to really? 

There have been so many times that I find myself feeling bad about something someone else has said, feeling less than, feeling unvalued, unbeautiful, selfish and so many other things.

When these things happen, when for a moment, I am made to feel less than because others have made a judgement about me through some set of criteria which I don't know about or don't ascribe to, I ask myself the question, "Who do you answer to?"

I answer to me...I am the one that has to look myself in the mirror every day, I am the one who has to accept my choice of behaviour and my way of being, I am the one who has permission to make judgements and to offer forgiveness if one else on the human plane!

I answer to a far higher power than other humans being human. I answer to my divine team (who love me unconditionally and NEVER act to make me feel less) and I answer to me (I sometimes act to make myself feel less, but do my level best to avoid this trap).

So, my inner response when someone makes a judgement about me is, "Whatever!" My outer response?

Silence...I give them nothing in return for their judgement...for nothing is what it is worth.

With love and light,and too much self love to let the opinion of others affect me for long

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