Saturday, 16 April 2011

Divine Timing...

Sometimes I struggle with the concept of divine timing. Being a mortal I am infinitely aware of the passage of time and it sometimes disheartens me how long it takes for things to manifest in the way I want them too. I am often impatient with waiting and frustrated.

I know and understand that divine forces work to their own pace and that everything happens when it is supposed to in order to achieve the best result. This still doesn't lessen the feeling of impatience

Divine beings have little or no concept of time as we know it. They operate on a different scale and plane to what we do, and therefore the passage of time means nothing to them.

Often I have asked for help and been told that a solution is on its way. I have been asked to "give up the problem" into divine hands and told also that the solution has already been set into motion. While I chaffed at the bit thinking things were going so slowly and that maybe I hadn't phrased the request accurately or precisely enough, my amazing divine allies have been working tirelessly on my behalf. Sure enough, and much quicker than I anticipated really, a solution presents itself and the situation is resolved.

Time and time again this has been proven to me. Time and time again the solution appears and I realise that if events had unfolded any sooner than they had, that the impact would be uncertain and perhaps not to my satisfaction at all.

I am learning to be more patient and accept and trust that when I ask for a solution, one will happen. More importantly, that it will happen when it is BEST and when the timing is RIGHT, not when I necessarily WANT.

It comes down to trust and faith I think. Also an understanding that as a mortal I only see a part of the picture and cannot possibly know everything about everything. My divine guardians and guides on the other hand, do know all there is to know. They act according to PERFECT timing, not my impatience.

Thank you Archangel Michael for bringing about the perfect and divine solution in the right time for my problems. xoxoxox

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