Thursday, 14 April 2011


Synchronicity describes those things that may be coincidence, yet aren't.  That sounds a little like philosophy doesn't it, and about as clear as mud?

Basically the concept refers to the things that happen around you when you are looking for a sing that you are on the right path, or when one is given to you even if you haven't asked.

Have you ever wondered why the minute after you think something was going to happen or might happen, it does? Or why you are thinking of a certain person and their favourite song "just happens" to come on the radio or you see someone who looks remarkably like them?

The theory behind synchronicity is that when you make a request of the universe, even if it is only a stray thought or a random moment from your subconscious, the universe will take steps to synchronise 'reality' with those thoughts. It is no coincidence or accident, it is the universe attempting to fulfill those wishes no matter how unintentional.

As a child I was VERY clumsy. I would pick up a bowl to carry it to the sink and think, "I hope I don't trip, I break things all the time," or something similar, and of course what would happen? I would break the bowl. The last thing that went through my mind is that "I always break things" and so I would break it. This is one of many examples of how my own thinking influenced my reality, however unintentionally.

We can't always be in control of our thoughts and feelings, especially those fleeting moments that randomly enter our thoughts. However we do have a chance to take back negative thoughts or things that will influence us in a less than positive way. We can cancel out the last thought. It is kind of like clicking the "undo" icon on the It is also really easy.

Whenever you catch one of those stray thoughts entering your mind, or coming out of your mouth (or even some one else's) then just make a silent thought to "cancel it out." It's as easy as that. I also add a gesture when I am doing this which is like a little flicking motion with my hand.

There is definitely a benefit to adding the non-verbal cue. My family noticed this little motion one day as I cancelled out the fight they were having with each other. They stopped arguing long enough to ask me what I was doing. When I told them I was cancelling out all the hurt and negativity they were currently inflicting on each other, they looked at each other like I was crazy and continued to argue. I continued to cancel their argument out. From this moment on, they were aware that when I made this gesture, I thought they were being negative and hurtful, or that I was. This drew their attention to their own thoughts and words and soon they began to break the habit of saying negative things, simply because I unconsciously made them aware of how often they were doing it.

So even though you may not have the ability to control all of your thoughts (let's face it, none of us mortals do) you do have the opportunity to cancel it out before the universe takes action to make the thought a reality...

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