Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fear Based Energies...

What is your response when you are afraid? Do you cry, shout, grow quiet, worry, get mean, defensive? How do you respond when you are afraid?

This is a really important question to ask yourself. Most decisions in our life come down to two things; acting to avoid a painful/fearful situation and moving towards a pleasurable/safe situation. With this knowledge comes the understanding of how important your response to fear is.

It is easy to let fear rule your life. If you have experienced any or even all of the fear responses listed in the first paragraph, then you know how emotion charged and consuming those feelings can be.

It is normal and natural to be afraid sometimes. It is one of the emotions installed in us to help us protect ourselves from harm either physical or emotional. It can also be crippling if it is not managed.

Letting fear based energy control your decision making process may lead you from something that is frightening and give you a short term sense of peace, however, it may also lead you away from risks that have decided advantages.

I was afraid to try to publish a book. Terrified in fact, of not being successful. If I had let this fear paralyse me or lead my decisions, I would not be speaking to you now. I would not be currently a successful, published author of one book with a second about to be published. There are a lot of things I would NOT be actually.

You can shield yourself from fear based energy by simply imagining a shield of pure light around you when you feel afraid. Take not of the fear and be honest about what it is that frightens you. If the fear is a threat to your physical self...don't ignore it for goodness sake. However, if the fear is a response to being asked to fill a new role, or take a chance on believing in yourself...then take the fear, analyse it and shield yourself from it.

A life ruled by fear, or decision making dominated through fear based energies will not enable you to fulfill your true life's purpose.

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