Thursday, 28 April 2011

Life's only hard when you are not following your true life's purpose...

Once again I have had an explicit lesson in this very fact today! I have stressed, worried and made myself a little sick with anxiety over a decision I have had to make just recently. I have had headaches every day and a sick and nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have kept myself away from others so as not to impose my somewhat negative energy into their sphere.

In the end, what choice did I have? I could go on making myself sick and come no closer to a decision, or I could give the whole situation over to my divine guides and have faith that the details would be worked out.

So, I gave the whole situation up... prayed for help and assistance every five minutes of today and did what I needed to do. I got an instant message from my divine guides. As I turned the radio on, a song came blaring out of the radio that confirmed the action I had taken this morning.

It seemed every time I turned around today, I was getting another message that the choice i had made was the right one, even though obstacles appeared left and right attempting to hinder the plans I had made (with help) and was attempting to put into place.

I was forced into a very difficult position through the actions of another person's ego. The indigo in me raged a little for justice and the angel in me counselled patience.

I thought I would go home, completely remove myself from the situation physically, have a cup of tea and meditate on a solution. This is what I thought I would do.

When I got home, the indigo won out. I picked up the phone and before I knew it, had made several phone calls in relation to the situation. I was not completely taken by surprise, (maybe just a little bit) but those phone calls actually resulted in a solution to the situation (or the beginning of one anyway) that I had not even thought of. The situation will be resolved quickly I am sure, and to every one's satisfaction and benefit.

It never entered my mind to take these actions, however, ALL day every moment of today I asked for help and that the situation be resolved to the mutual benefit of everyone involved. Well, it soon will be, and the sickness has gone, the dread, the fear, the fatigue. Not only that, I was led to take actions myself that helped find a solution.

Life is only hard when you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing. Sometimes though, when those barriers are being thrown up and obstacles laid in your path, what it means is, there is a better way to achieve your goals and have an even more favourable outcome than you anticipated!!! What GREAT news.

All you have to do is ask...

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