Friday, 29 April 2011

Other people's ego...

It is difficult sometimes to deal with personalities and ego's around you. Let's face it, dealing with your own ego takes some work in the beginning, let along dealing with someone else's.

I tend to limit the amount of time I spend with people who live from their ego (if you would like further clarification on this, please read the "Living in your ego" post.) this is not always possible though.

How do you adjust and cope on a daily basis with someone who lives from their ego? There are no tried and true tested tips I can give you for this because each situation, each person and each experience is different.

I first try to remember that everyone has their own battle to fight. Since I am unaware of what that might be or how it informs their thinking, I won't pass judgement on their actions.

I then attempt to 'reteach' these people on how to treat me (there is another post on this also) by firmly and lovingly reminding them I am due respect and courtesy as all people are.

I ask for help and understanding (as well as solutions) from my divine guides.

If none of this is successful in creating enough of a change as quickly as I need it to happen, I take a life review. I ask myself the message I might be getting by having this difficult person in my path. I ask if they (the other person) is a reminder to return to my true life's purpose or some way an indicator to light up a different direction.

Then, because I have done all of these things first, I minimise the amount of time I spend with this person where possible (this has once or twice led me to seek employment elsewhere) and ignore their behaviours where possible.

This leads to peace for me, and certainly harms them not at all...not everyone wants to be healed, reached out to, or reasoned with. This is a sad truth, but, a truth none-the-less.

With blessings


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