Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The butterfly effect...

The butterfly effect was a physics research paper that (to really give you the refined version) maintained that if a butterfly flapped its wings just once, then it moves air particles, which then moves other air particles which then moves other air particles and so on, until there is a hurricane on the other side of the world. It is the physics version of the ripple effect on a grand scale and highlights for us, the fact that even the smallest action can result in huge events somewhere else without our knowledge or our understanding of the fact that we started it.

I read a great discussion topic on the Authentic Me face book page yesterday regarding words being used as a gift. This concept has the ability to create a huge response!

As an example, I have taught thousands of students throughout my teaching career. My personal ethos is to help mould and guide students to be the best person they can be. When people ask me what I teach, my answer is "students." I don't teach math, science,art, IT etc, I teach people. With this in mind, I act to promote them, support them, encourage them and guide them into understanding what it means to be a member of the global community. An ex-student just recently got into contact with me by posting something on my face book wall. It was one of those things that says if you click like I will answer questions about you etc. So I clicked "Like" and commented underneath "this could be interesting :D". After all, I was her teacher, and that comes with a little bit of bottom kicking when necessary...smile. One of the questions was, what will you always remember about me? She stated, "I am who I am and doing this art degree only because of you." I bawled like a baby I have to say. I didn't do anything different from any other time, I just encouraged, prompted and all the rest. To this young lady though, the difference was made and she now intends to become a teacher herself. Think of all the lives impacted because I chose to encourage rather than to ignore or worse yet, to discourage?

You may never know the butterfly effect of your actions and the number of people you reach. I think this is why it is important that every action, statement and example you do and give to the world, should be o the best possible kind. Smiling at someone may mean the difference between a good day and a bad day for them, they in turn pass that on and on and on it goes.

Random acts of kindness are a great way to ensure a positive effect on the people and situations around you. A couple of years ago I discovered an on-line store that sells all of these beautiful, small and inexpensive gifts that are perfect for these type of things called AOK. (Angels of Kindness) and I know I have many times used a small card, an angel coin, some faery dust glitter or the like to attempt to change the mood in the staffroom, or to pick someone up who is feeling down.

You make a choice do be a force for positive or a negative energy in this world. The butterfly effect ensures that the world received this energy in a magnified way.

Make a choice to be someone who creates a hurricane of beauty, love and light and your smallest actions will reflect this and be passed on to others.

With love and light


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