Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Staying firm in a crisis...

Today I thought I would share with you an excerpt from an automatic writing I did in a time where the whole world seemed dark for me and absent of love and light. This was not a great time in my life, automatic writing (I can safely say) saved my life on several occasions. For those reading this who are not aware of what automatic writing is, it is sitting somewhere quiet with paper and pen, or at a computer and just writing/typing all the words that come into your mind without thought to grammar, punctuation or spelling, just letting the words flow from you as they come to you. This process has enabled me to release a lot of negativity, purge my thoughts of destructive energy and seek comfort and information from my divine team.

When you read this message, I think you will understand the power an automatic writing may have for you.....

Divine one you are blessed and cherished by us and we would never let you fall. All these worries that you possess are not things you need even fear or trouble yourself over. We will support you, be there for you and understand you. There is no way that you can fail in your true life’s purpose. Let go of anguish and pain, leave the details to us. You know in your heart and in your soul that the messages we send you are the whole and loving truth, there is not a moment goes by where we are not at your shoulder lovingly surrounding you with peace and love. You are capable of so much and you will achieve the goals for which you set yourself. Let go of the struggle within you, let us help you, give us permission to guide you and help you in making choices that will keep your feet firmly on the path you have set for yourself. Your work is important and no one can do the work you do in the way you do it. Each of you on earth has unique talents abilities and methods of approach. Each of you has a separate piece of the puzzle that will have a global impact when all are put into place. Stay strong in your purpose and focused on your journey and your intentions because the world needs your piece of the puzzle. You open doors which might otherwise remain closed, you bring love and light to hearts that thought they could never feel joy and you enlighten the world with your presence. You are loved and protected always as you journey towards the goals you have set. We embrace you and your work. My beautiful child, I would never have set you on this path and readied this road for you if you were not going to be able to complete the task. You are strong, you are capable and you are more than ready to take up this stole and to bring as much love and light to the world. Your love for others is a powerful tool. Set aside the doubts and fears that plagues you. We are with you now and always. When you fear you will feel my hand upon your brow and our wings wrapped around you. Walk in the light and hold out your hands to others that they may heal from your loving energy and begin their own journey. Your presence in their life is enough. We love you.

Wow huh? I keep this one in my handbag (or the black hole as it is lovingly nick named by my sons) I often forget about it. But when I need to hear this message again, I always find it. Negative "stuff", I burn with a short request that the thoughts represented on the pages are taken. I feel detoxified and refreshed after completing this process even though it is sometimes exhausting as well. Hope this helps someone today

With love and light

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