Thursday, 2 June 2011

Abundance, giving and recieving mode...

I think sometimes the message of abundance gets a little mixed up. I know I myself have got it confused occasionally. When you ask the abundance angels to give you a helping hand, are you only thinking of financial abundance???? I know I was for a while there until a beautiful light worker close to me gently, but firmly pointed out to me as I sat and harrumphed over "not having enough money" and the like, that I was/am surrounded by abundance.

When I go to the shops I always ask for a car park to open up in exactly the right spot and under the right conditions for me (no parallel parking please) and it always does. When a student is displaying some challenging behaviours, I ask Gabrielle to step in and help me out, she always does. When I am growing vegetables, I ask if the faeries and pixies wouldn't mind lending a hand and making sure the insects stick to their tithe area, and they do. Wen I ask for a good nights sleep and healing energy, Raphael always helps and then he does extra too sometimes. When I ask that my home be happy and safe, it is. When I ask that the mail arrive on time and the book signing go successfully, it does. When I am lost and ask Chamuel to shed light on the right direction, he does. "So how", my friend then asked me, "can you say there is a lack of abundance in your life? " Fair point!!!

You also have in built in you different perceptions and ideas about giving and receiving that affect your abundance in some ways. Always giving to others and not letting them return the favour means you are stuck a little bit in "servitude" meaning you feel you always have to be serving others despite your own needs and your self. You cannot possibly feel the abundance around you if the only receptors that are open are those for giving. Yes, giving is important and gratifying (if the gift is given without expectation of anything in return) however, it is healthful and divine to balance the giving by opening yourself up to receiving as well. When you feel you cannot receive from others, you are depriving them of the beautiful sensation that come from giving to you, and you are denying yourself their expression of love as well. (Some people predominantly show their love for others by giving gifts...see "Love according to me" post for further reading on this topic).

Open your heart to a balance between giving and receiving. Perceive the abundance all around you and not just in terms of financial goods and services. This will open you more to the concept of abundance and then all things can start to become abundant in your life, including money.

With love and light

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