Friday, 3 June 2011


Time, as we all know, is really a man made construct. Generally speaking, time did not "exist" before our decision to record it. This is a really powerful concept I think.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and sometimes on others due to this concept of time. We all know what deadlines can be like (I find it interesting that they're called "dead" lines by the way...yuck) and what it feels like to have so many things to do and have so little time.

Like any construct though, it really is open to interpretation.

Just to further expound the point..we have all had those moments where time has altered it's appearance to us. For example, when you are doing something boring or that you don't really want to do it seems that time drags. When we're doing something fun, time seems to fly. There are plenty of sayings that covers this concept, "slow as a wet week", "time flies when you're having fun." etc. What this really means is that the people who first coined these phrases noticed that the concept of time was/is ephemeral and it's measurement is subject to divine will.

I start my days by having a quick discussion with my divine team about the 'plans' for the day, what I hope to achieve and the mortal time frame which I am setting in order to get these things done. I then request (especially on those days where I suspect I might have bitten off more than I can that the time allotted for each task is sufficient and that there is plenty of "time" to achieve my goals.

I find that I always have the correct amount of "time" to get everything done believe it or not. Because of the fact that time is a construct, it is subject to being "tampered" with by our divine team! YAY for us. Time is also subject to the will of the abundance angels, so feel free to ask them for more if you feel you want it/need it.

I sometimes feel like time has been slowed down for me so that I can get everything done in the day that I choose for myself, or so that I can move really quickly through something I find might be unpleasant yet necessary, or so that I can arrive on time. However, really all that happens is that I have asked for divine assistance to help my perception expand beyond this human construct of measured time. I don't watch the clock anymore or panic about "dead lines". I just ask that the job is completed in the right time...and it always is.

If you feel you are putting yourself under "time pressure" then simply ask you abundance angels and divine team to remove the human/mortal concept and help you out. It's funny, the minute you stop worrying about time, it ceases to cause you distress. What a great choice to make.

With love and light

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