Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sprinkling a little faery dust...

I LOVE sprinkling faery dust. These are those moments, days or weeks where you spend time spreading joy and magic. It does not mean you do anything different from any other time except in your minds eye, you are sprinkling a feeling of love, joy and light.

I spent a fantastic day today sprinkling faery dust.

I had my very first book signing today. My goal was to get to know people, to let people know me and who I am as well, and of course to sell and sign some books and art work. I decided to have printed one of my favourite faery drawings onto post cards. Whenever a child came to my stall I gave them a picture and asked them if they would like a faery to take home with them. Without exception, their eyes lit up, they smiled and went away laughing and happily chatting to their parents about their magic faery. I also spoke a lot to adults, just about the weather, the kind of day they were having and wishing them well for the day.

In my mind I sprinkled that faery dust all over, wished angel blessings on everyone and the end result? I had an amazing and happy day filled with an abundance of compliments, book sales and people generally enjoying the work I had to offer!

Try sprinkling faery dust whenever you can, most especially when you are entering a situation that may make you feel uncomfortable, nervous or fearful of the unknown, or in situations where the general energy is normally negative. At the VERY least, sprinkling faery dust will make you feel better, at best, you'll change the mood of everyone around you and bring a little faery sparkle to their day.

With love, light and faery dust

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