Sunday, 5 June 2011

True Life's purpose...

Are you happy in doing what you are doing right now? Do you love nearly every minute of the "work" you do and the time you spend at play? Do things seem to come to you easily and without any difficulties or insurmountable obstacles? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then the chances are you are following the path you contracted for. YAY you have found your true life's purpose!!!!!!

If the answer is no to all of these questions, then the chances are of course, that you are not quite on the right path.

I always thought my true life's purpose was teaching at High School. Since I was about 10 years old I had an overwhelming desire to study teaching, and as I grew older, that desire never left me. Even through some difficult times, I kept plugging away at University to achieve all of my qualifications (although I often felt impatient that I needed to study subjects about behaviour management and building relationships with students and the like, "everyone knows this right?"). The day I taught my first solo class, no supervising teacher, just me and the students, I thought I was walking on cloud nine. Those were most certainly a challenging bunch of students, but that didn't matter to me...I was doing what I was born to do...I was teaching! The years passed and I love the teaching still, however this creeping kind of discontent started to slip into my thinking. For the whole time I was in the classroom, actually in front of the students, life was/is magic! All of the rest of the time...dealing with egos of others, paper work becoming more and more restrictive, government stipulations and the like, I grew more and more dissatisfied. Not with teaching, never with the job I was/am doing with the students, just this creeping, sneaking feeling that just maybe this was not what I was meant to do forever after all??? Yet I still couldn't visualise myself as anything other than a teacher. I took some leave and worked in a few other fields (hospitality, retail, etc) and ALWAYS I was drawn back to the classroom and was relieved when I stepped into the classroom again.  Soon though, along came this sense of wrongness about the "other" stuff...never the teaching.

So, I decided to sit down quietly somewhere, close my eyes and ask the guy in charge of the contracts. This is Archangel Michael. This is the angel who knows what you signed up for, even if you have forgotten. I asked him if I was on the right path and that if this was so, why did I feel this dissatisfaction with process and procedure etc? I don't find that Michael bandies words very much, he is quite direct and Without delay I received the message very clearly that my life's purpose IS in fact teaching, but not necessarily in a High School or classroom context. Hence my satisfaction and joy at actually participating in the teaching and learning process, and dissatisfaction with all other aspects of the job.

It is really easy to contact archangel Michael. I often find just visualising a deep purple light surrounding me is enough to open the door to a conversation. Michael really does know, he was "witness" to the contract you signed. Life is only difficult if you are not following your true life's purpose, and it is NEVER too late to change directions from where you are currently heading. Sit quietly, clear your mind and ask about your true life's purpose. You will hear an answer.

With love and light


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