Monday, 6 June 2011

Give permission and then give thanks...

A few people have asked this question of me lately, they have asked, "Why aren't my prayers being answered? Is anyone really listening?"

The short answer, "Yes!" You are being heard, and your prayers are not going unnoticed into the ether to just hang suspended. The angels take a very personal interest in us and never will a prayer be left unanswered.

To expand on this point however, and give you the long answer (or maybe the long-er answer) is that there are a group of angels right by your side right now, waiting to help, comfort or act for you. Angels are incredibly courteous beings and will NOT act in violation of you, or anyone else's free will. So the first step in asking for help from the divine is to ask for it and give your divine team permission to help you and act on your behalf. In this way you open yourself to the opportunity and miracles that will be forthcoming, as well as offering your courteous friends the permission they need to act for you and on your behalf. Giving permission is the first important step. It signifies to the universe that you are willing to be helped and that you welcome help. Think of it this way, if a very strong, competent friend of yours had a moment of perceived "weakness" but didn't signify they needed help to you, would you automatically offer help without asking them first? Would you just rush in and do "stuff' for someone without first asking if they required and wanted help? I don't think most of us would. Neither will angels, so give them permission to enter your life and help you in any way they can.

The second, and probably most difficult step sometimes, is to listen and wait for the signs you will be given. Sometimes it is a whopping great big miracle that you cannot ignore (Woohoo!) other times it might be small promptings to guide you in the right direction, the sudden removal of perceived barriers, a little more time to complete a task. Whatever it is you asked for, or the help you need WILL come to you. That is a certainty. Divine timing is also at play here. As mortal beings we have only a small view of each situation. Angels on the other hand not only have the 'big picture' but they have the WHOLE picture. Sometimes I have chaffed at the seeming delay in granting me the help I needed. When my prayer is "FINALLY" (smile) answered, it turns out, the delay was actually far more beneficial for me in the end. Angels act according to divine timing. They really won't let you miss the message, or to not get the help you need, they can be quite persistent when they need to be. However, they will make sure that everything happens in the right moment to gain the maximum benefit to all the people involved. The hard part then, is the're not incredibly patient beings as a whole.

I retain some semblance of patience through faithfully trusting that my prayer has been heard, and that the angels are working on a solution. I also constantly remind myself of the times when the "wait" for the divine time, divine place and divine situation have been the absolute BEST way for my miracles to occur for me and everyone involved.
Give thanks, and wait....your prayers are most definitely heard and answered, just not always as quick as we mortals might like.

With love and light

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