Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A message from the angels...

This morning I feel the compulsion for automatic writing (to read more about this, please see some previous posts) and I know this message is not just for me, so I thought I would type it here for you all to read as well...

You are called. You are asked to focus on all that is divine and intuitive to seek out opportunities to spread magic and enlightenment to everyone you meet, to give selflessly and to receive with gratitude and humility. We are with you, excited, waiting, watching, and ready. Now is the time for all of you to step forward in love and light. To offer comfort to the many people within your circle of influence, to share with abandon the message that you are all safe, loved and protected. To have the joy which is your birthright and to set aside all things that no longer serve you. Cut the ties to past experiences that are causing you grief, give those experiences to us and we will help you heal your hurts so as to better complete your tasks and be one with the divine. Take many moments in time today to tell someone you love them, that they are cared for, that you are thankful and appreciative of their efforts. Smile at everyone you meet, pass or come into brief contact with today. Walk with our light and love in your hearts as our radiance shines from within you. We are a part of you and you us. When you walk through the world with thoughts composed of love, light and forgiveness then others can see us in your eyes and being. You are perfect and beautiful; understand this is the real nature of who you are. Set aside ego, we love you.

With gratitude to Archangel Raphael. I love that he doesn't beat around the bush...smile

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  1. The most Magical wonderment and enchanting moments, are the ones others are granted to spend with you! "You" are LOVED!" Warm and Fuzzy hugs, barbie xxoo