Sunday, 1 May 2011


We all have moments when we "drift off" into space or zone out from the reality we are currently sitting in.  Sometimes this happens at the most inconvenient times like when we are sitting in a staff meeting or watching a great show on T.V. or something else considered important to us at the time.

Day dreaming in this way is actually your body telling you to take a moment and refocus.

I like to think of these moments as 'down load' time (to borrow a phrase from another light know who you are). These are the moments that our guides take to help us gain knowledge, understanding, perspective or rest.

Once I recognised these moments for what they are, I started to take note of the thoughts and images that flitted through my head at these times. The information I gained just the first time was enough to convince me that these moments weren't random or just a sign of fatigue. In fact, they are moments in time when the divine team guiding us take the opportunity to feed you information to help the circumstances or to teach you something new.

I feel refreshed after a 5 minute "day dream" as well as feeling the benefits of the new information I have learnt or the new perspective I have been shown.

Next time you feel yourself drifting off into space, listen and look with an open mind and heart to the messages you are being given. You'll be amazed at what you can see...

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