Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dreams are where we learn who we are...

When you dream your mind is wide open to possibilities that you might think impossible while awake. When we dream, all things are possible (both the negative and positive) and when we dream is when we can learn the most about ourselves and our true life's purpose.

It was through dreaming that I discovered the courage within myself to continue in my purpose and become an author/illustrator. It is when I dream that the stories come to me (either day dreaming or deep sleep dreaming) and the images form in my mind.

To me, dreaming is another form of meditation.

Before I go to sleep and after I have sent my healing and loving white light energy out into the world (see "White Light Request" post to learn more) I ask that my mind be cleared for the learning and the planning required for my next step in the journey. I surround myself with purple and green light and focus on my life's purpose. Then I drift off to sleep.

Upon waking I have a note book beside the bed and I write down whatever thoughts come into my head. In this way I record those moments or dreaming that might otherwise be pushed into the back of my mind with the beginning of the day and my plans for my time.

This method is actually how I taught myself to remember my dreams as well. it used to be that I did not remember anything about my sleeping hours. With this method of writing down my first thoughts and feelings as I awoke and before I did anything else, I started to remember more and more until my dreams come to me as clear as though I have had them awake.

It is through your dreams when your mind is at it's most receptive, that your divine guides can pass you information and teach you skills that you need in order to fulfill your life's purpose.  It is also through our dreams that our mind clears itself of any negative things from the day (a really important thing for us to do).

Encourage and embrace the information you learn through your dreams, take note of what you are dreaming and listen to the guiding words you are given.

I wake with a positive and happy feel when I have spent the evening hours conversing with my divine team, planning and strategising. It makes it easier for me to understand what my next step is and to gather the strength and courage when required, to continue.

Being a dreamer is fantastic!

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