Friday, 20 May 2011


As I sat on the beach side this morning drawing some more of my angel pictures, plenty of people stopped to look at what I was doing. I got a nice warm fuzzy glow that people were interested enough to stop and look. It is a nice feeling when you are acknowledged. This however, inevitably bought up experiences from the past for me to deal with (I think the secret reason that my divine team sent me to the water's edge today...water is great for cleansing and getting rid of past experiences). These experiences where ones where people had made judgements about me or my actions. Usually with only a part (or none) of the full picture.

Getting rid of these useless and harmful thoughts today made me think about judging others. We all do it. As soon as you see someone, your brain is cataloguing a hundred different visual signals about that person and forming conclusions, either rightly or wrongly.

I think the harm comes when we fail to examine these "impressions" and judgements to determine where they come from. Anything negative is not divine! It is really that simple. Thinking in a negative way about others, making cruel or harsh judgements about people places or actions, is most definitely not a divine attribute and really has no part in who we really are.

My rule of thumb then? When I catch myself thinking negative thoughts or making a snap judgement about anyone or anything, I examine this thought. If it is not positive, it doesn't belong to me or with me and I banish it from my thinking.

Our pure being is one of love and positivity, this is who we really are.

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