Saturday, 21 May 2011


One of the most amazing things about us as humans is our limitlessness...yep that's right, without limits.
This is our true state, limits that we perceive are generally imposed by ourselves.

Our ability to love, to care, to succeed and to manifest everything we desire is, in actuality...without limits.

Positivity, the ability to create perfect situations and opportunities, the power created when we care for and about each other...each of these things are without limit. If you can "imagine" it, you can create it. We have limitless potential as spiritual beings, able to manipulate the universe in order to create a beautiful and harmonious world.

The world is as you yourself create it. It is time for us to accept that we are making our environment and our place and our positions in it. With this acceptance, comes the ability to change these things to create a place of harmony and balance.

It all starts with you. Focus on harmony and balance, visualise pure and divine love and caring and these things are yours. Not only that, but as powerful light workers, you also have the ability to create these situations for others and encourage (in a positive, beautiful and non-threatening way) others to find their own feet and start manifesting these realities for themselves. Lead by example and create this situation for yourself.

We are limitless in our capability for love and yourself and others, it really is this simple!

With love and light

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