Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rid your life of negative energy...

I made a comment on my personal profile about a week ago stating, "negative people...while I love and respect you as I do all living things, can you stop pushing your energy on to me?" and left it at that. A day or so later, the same negative energy seemed to be flowing into my life from several directions at once. At this point, my divine team thankfully, decided to intervene and teach me about this particular situation.

It seems then, that negative people weren't "pushing" their energy on to me...I was allowing the freedom of being negative around me. I know myself that people treat you the way you have taught them is acceptable (see an earlier post on this topic for more information) and yet here I am complaining I guess, that people were being negative around me and towards me...sigh..bottom line? I was allowing others the freedom of creating negative space around me.

What I have done then is clearly define the boundaries. I have made a "haven" for myself. I have decided the rules of this space. More importantly though, the only people allowed in this personal space, are the people who are willing to follow the rules. The rules are really simple..."if it's not positive...don't say it." That's it.

Seems simple right? Well it is.

As soon as I made this decision and commitment to honour my self and my needs by establishing this "space" a person close to me called. Really this person is a client, because the only reason they call me or speak to me is to not only seek counselling for themselves, but for everyone they know. All the conversation is about all of the crisis happening in this persons world.

When this person called me, I made it clear that the only way I would have the conversation was if this person could tell me all the good things that had happened to them during the day. When she couldn't tell me anything positive, I firmly (but with love and kindness) declined to continue the conversation.

In this way I was able to keep the promise to myself to surround myself with loving and positive energy, but perhaps also a light may have gone on for her as well, and she may see the harm that is cause by ONLY focusing on the negative.

Make a promise to yourself to banish negativity from your personal firm and kind in ensuring this boundary is respected by others, even if it seems it might be hurting their feelings. The truth is, you are helping them, by guiding them to the understanding that being negative constantly and focusing on all the "bad" things happening in the world around them causes harm not only to themselves, but to others.

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