Monday, 23 May 2011

You are loved...

My divine team has asked me specifically to pass on this message today...we are loved. It is a love that is comforting, embracing and very powerful. It is a love that inspires us, offers solace and requires nothing in return.

As I sat last night meditating before bed, I felt their presence around me. This morning, as I woke refreshed and exuberant for the new day, they whispered in my ear, "We are with you." I felt a warm touch on the back of my neck as though a hand was placed there and felt embraced by loving and a warm glowing energy.

I asked that today I am guided to make the right decisions, to feel their constant presence and warmth, that I have the words to pass this message on and to draw what I felt in my heart.

Overwhelmingly I feel the message. We are so loved in all of our perceived frailties and limitations (these are our perceptions, not theirs) . You just have to ask and they will let you know they are near and willing to help.

If you think you cannot hear them, try meditating, asking for a direct and explicit sign, or just think kind and beautiful welcoming thoughts.

You will hear them...

We are loved, guided and protected each moment so that we are able to easily fulfill our life's purpose. Listen for, and then trust these messages and feelings.

The drawing that accompanies this message today can be viewed on the Angel Wings and Faery Dust FaceBook site.

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  1. That's how you can tell if it's a divine message as opposed to an ego based one - the message is always simple and loving. You get it and then feel encompassed by the angel wing hug followed by goose bumps and a feeling of elation and a full heart. I love this.