Tuesday, 24 May 2011

It's ok to be you

Every day of your life is filled with blessings and abundance...but you know what...it is actually OK if you can't see it sometimes. It is fine if you have days that you are low on energy, fearful, anxious, depressed, or just feeling blah. I hesitate to use the word...but it could even be described as "normal".

We are human beings. There are situations, people, events, "stuff" that may feel yucky and have us feeling yucky. There are times when the world does not seem full of love, light and positive energy. In fact sometimes it is people places and situations that make us fell like this that can be the harbingers of change.

I know for me personally, when I have these moments of disruption, angst and upheaval and the world does not seem to be on my "favourites" list in this moment, it usually means change and growth. So, once I emerge from the other side of my "yucky" feeling, things are undoubtedly better (I know this makes no difference to me while I am feeling low on energy though).

The way I get through these moments, days, months (or at times it has even been years) is to just continue. I continue to ask for guidance, I continue to listen as best I can for the answers, I continue y illustrating, my teaching, my being. Having said this though, I also spend quite a bit of time hibernating and respecting that this is a cycle my physical self sometimes goes through. During this time I make no contact with people who are negative at all, I respect my need for growth in quiet and solitude. My beautiful friends know if they haven't heard from me in a while that I'm fine...in fact more than fine, I'm growing...and they are never hurt or upset because I haven't made a phone call or written a letter in a while.

This really comes down to knowing yourself, your reactions and response to growth, your own physical body cycles of high and low energy and then developing strategies to get through and complete the journey.

I do want to emphasise...there is absolutely nothing wrong with having moments in your life where the world does not seem full of splendour!...smile...

Just ask for guidance and comfort from your divine team...mine have been working tirelessly lately to love and support me so that I can continue to deliver their messages to you and so that I feel their support and love for myself as well. This is definitely a mutually beneficial relationship  XD

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