Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Give yourself permission...

I've written a few times about the need to give your divine team permission to help you out (see earlier posts) however, there is one aspect of permission I am yet to talk about. You need to give yourself permission.

It is your divine and perfect right to be happy, to fulfill your divine purpose and therefore feel as though your life has a meaning and intent. The angels and all other forms of the divine are ready and more than willing to assist you in achieving whatever goals your heart and soul lead you to.

The only thing missing then, is to give yourself permission to be all that you are and wish to be. It is common (and I have seen this in many clients of mine and the people around me) that people do not give themselves permission to be happy and to follow their bliss so to speak.

Some people not only deny themselves permission, they try to take it from others by accusing them of being selfish when they make decisions around being happy. This is pure ego...nothing Divine about these actions at all.

It is important for you to remember that you are loved and protected at all times by your own divine team and that they will not let you fall or fail. Even in perceived failures, you were probably learning something new and achieving a step towards your ultimate goal. It is even more important for you to remember you are worthy of all life has to offer for you and that you are a perfect and divine soul.

Michael, Raphael and Jophiel keep insisting as I type that I remind you again and again that you are loved and protected as well as supported in seeking your true life's purpose and in finding divine happiness. are really loud and insistent tonight...

Whatever your life's purpose, wherever your heart and your soul lead you, and whatever you choose for yourself in terms of happiness, you are loved, guided and supported.

Give yourself permission to be happy and to live in perfect and divine health.

With love and blessings


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