Thursday, 26 May 2011

Let go of struggle

It s easy in our every day lives to see the situations we are in as a "battle zone" and a daily struggle. Especially those of us who are strong Indigo spirits (see an earlier post for more information on this). However, sometimes it is this very belief that can hold us back from meeting our full potential.

When you see something as a struggle, your brain does all sorts of interesting things to prepare you for "battle" some of them good, and some not so good for you. Strategies start to pop up as your brain searches for a way to "win" and you view everything through the eyes of your own "conflict." While these may seem like positive attributes (and undoubtedly they can be) they also disallow for divine intervention and may cause you to misinterpret signs you are given or opportunities that present themselves because the situation is viewed through a "battle" filter.

This particular topic is a big one for a lot of people I think and I include myself in this at times too.

Life is not about "win" or "lose" actually, and it is definitely not meant to be a pitched battle every step of the way. Yet, these are the words I have used myself to describe situations. What this does is set your brain into survival mode. In that moment you are ever conscious of the "threat" and where the next "assault" is going to come from. This is a tightly wound place to be and creates more anxiety and stresses for you.

So...take a deep breath and step back from your "battle zones".

Instead of viewing any situation as win or lose, ask for assistance in seeking the right opportunities and the correct choices and pathway for you. Breathe deeply and on the exhale, let go of all the things that are worrying you or seem to be a constant struggle. Every time the situation comes up...stop...breathe deeply...let go of your fears worries and struggles.

Things may not change in your situation, this may be a transaction that has to happen, however, you will feel calmer, more able and confident to look at each new situation with fresh eyes and not with "battle fatigue." Your ability to manifest beautiful and wonderful things will be enhanced with your ability to calmly choose a path rather than rushing in head long to defeat the most recent "enemy".

So...stop...take a deep breath and step back from your "battle zones".

(Thank you Michael for this message today...always grateful xoxo)

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