Saturday, 28 May 2011

Why do I do this?

I was sitting and pondering (meditating) on the message I was to write today. I kept thinking about my reasons for writing this blog post every day, for writing and illustrating children's stories and wondering what it is that urges me to write in this fashion and how anyone would want to "listen" to the words I type. That's right...a sneak attack by my ego today. When I wasn't paying attention it reached up behind me and tried to sabotage

I heard the voices of my divine team lovingly reassuring me that they are with me and that all I had to do was continue to act with integrity, honest and to follow the instincts and intuitions that have told me this is the right path to take. I do what I do because this is a part of my true life's purpose. I am filled with this purpose daily and I know that this is the contract I signed and the path I must tread.

I am a healer, I see my role as one of bringing love and light to many without judgement or prejudice. I feel that the words I write have an impact on the people who need to hear it and that the stories and pictures are just another way in which to do that. My goal is to bring peace to those who need it in whatever way, shape or form they need it. So my answer then to the question I posed to myself (or rather my ego posed to me) is that, "this is just what I do." When I get nervous that I am acting out of ego, fear or self interest, I focus on service and the role I have been given and agreed to. This takes away all the fear and reminds me of who I am and the tasks I have yet to perform.

It is my sincere hope and wish that the words I type for others to read, and the images that flow from my pencil tips through divine inspiration are a comforting and healing presence in the world.

This is who I am and what I do. You get exactly what you see from me and every action and word spoken by me through these media are said with only one purpose in mind, that is to help others to heal themselves and spread loving energy to others. That is it in it's entirety. This is the thought that keeps me typing and drawing, this is what motivates me to listen to the voices and messages of the angels and other divine entities that constantly surround me, support me and encourage me to continue with the work that I do.

For those of you that read what I type, I am glad you can find comfort and healing within the lines and see divine love with each emerging image. I thank you for accepting this gift from me in the nature with which it was given. More than you know, the healing works both ways...reading your comments on my face book page and seeing that people are interested and receiving the messages I have to tell is a source of comfort and healing in itself.

Archangel Michael speaks to me now, with his wings wrapped firmly around me, his powerful purple light enveloping us both, he smiles as I type and I am aware of his presence and that he is proud of me. I am truly blessed and feel elated.

With infinite love and blessings


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