Sunday, 29 May 2011

Words have power

I am reminded again of the fact that words have power and they work in both directions. Words have the power to manifest beautiful and wonderful things, to heal others of their hurts and to bring blessings. Words also have the power to create unpleasant scenarios and to hurt others and create wounds.

We think in terms of words, those thoughts then manifest into a greater reality. We are blessed with the gift of free will and the universe does not discriminate between positive and not so positive thoughts and words before it acts to create the reality you have thought.

I have spoken previously about letting go of the sense of struggle and of servitude, as well as using words to manifest positive and delightful outcomes (see earlier posts for more). Today I would like to focus on the fact that words have the power to also create the flip side of the coin.

Our conscious choice of language has the ability to create our future. The words you use and plans you make create the future you exist in. The laws of the universe also state that whatever energy you put into the world will come back to you three fold.

If you consciously or unconsciously use words to gain power over others (rather than guide and lead others to find their own greatness), if you use words to express only negative aspects of the world and your existence, then this is the future you create. A future that holds only the negative and an ego based existence. (See "living in your ego" post for an explanation of this concept).

I cannot believe that anyone, when sitting at home in their pure and divine form of love and light, negotiating the contract through which they would return to this earthly plane, could possibly sign a contract that contains only hurt, pain and the "need" to lash out and hurt others??? I cannot fathom why anyone would sign up for a few decades of this type of existence and therefore have to conclude that no one does. It is through exercising their free will and living in their ego that these situations are manifest for people.

Words are a conscious choice which filters into our subconscious.

A good example is the use of swear words by some of my students on occasion. This type of negative language is certainly not permitted in my classroom ever! For some students, a few subtle reminders after each incident is all it takes to remind them of time and place. Recently though, I was confronted by a student who stated, "This is the way we speak here, so get used to it!" Not on your life. I then challenged him to see if he could possibly go for an entire lesson without swearing (70 minutes) and offered a reward for success (a chocolate milk from the tuck shop). Within the space of about 15 minutes, he had sworn again, yet he kept insisting he hadn't sworn at all. It wasn't until the other students told him that he had indeed used a curse word that he believed he had. He used the words so frequently in his normal speaking he was actually unaware that he was using them. Swearing and using negative, confrontational and threatening words were so much a part of his everyday speaking he was totally unaware of their use. I let the challenge stand and for the next few weeks this student gradually became aware of the frequency with which he used these words. After several weeks, he got that chocolate milk :D Even better than that though, he had learnt the power of words and his attitude changed with the change in his language.

Challenge yourself...what negative, combative or confrontational words do you use so frequently that you are unaware of them? Make a list of these words and have a supportive friend help you out with how frequently you use them. Challenge yourself to NOT use them and offer a reward for success.

The true gift you give yourself is the gift of a bright, positive and abundance filled future.

With love and light


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