Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The energy of colour...light workers you are called

Scientifically speaking colour is a state of resonance. Light "vibrates" (for want of a better word) at different frequencies. These frequencies 'form' different colours in our mind's eye as well as filters for different colours in the visible spectrum...this is a VERY simplified version of what actually happens, but the point is that different colours resonate at different frequencies in the visible spectrum.

This is why, when healing, meditating or reaching out to others, I use different colours in my mind to achieve different goals.

White light is such a powerful visualisation. The world is in great need of comfort and healing at the moment while things are tipped on their head and shaken up a little to clear the way for new energies.

I have made this white light request before...and I know people responded...the energy was/is palpable.

The request is simple and takes only a few moments of your time before sleeping...

As you close your eyes in preparation for sleep, please visualise around yourself an aura of perfectly white and brilliant light. "Imagine" this light stretching to fill the insides of your house, then flowing out of your house to encompass the street you live on and the surrounding area. Push this light out to cover your town or city, the country you live in and the hemisphere you are in. Finally, cover the globe with your blessed and healing white light.

At the moment, we seem to be in a reality that allows and encourages us to think of self instead of anything else. You can help to speed the change.

It is never wrong to look after your own needs providing those needs to do not harm others, however, to look after your own needs while harming others and to the complete exclusion of others is in fact harmful for yourself. A bit of a paradox there....smile.

Let's work towards accelerating the change that is already coming by focusing white light energy into the world each night before bed (or at any time really).

Light workers...you are needed.


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