Saturday, 7 May 2011

Live a life, don't just experience survival....

There is most definitely a difference between "living" and "surviving." Unfortunately, most of us are going through the motions in jobs and situations we don't like in order to survive.

This is not what the divine had/has in mind for us, and not what we "signed up for" before we came either.

A life is what you create around you. Everyone has the ability to live their dream and to have a life rather than experience survival.

It is actually part of the contract you signed when you decided to take a mortal form. You agreed to specific jobs and roles while you were in your divine form, and the people who seem to have easy and successful lives, you'll probably find are the ones who are following their life's purpose and not settling for a state of survival.

The first part of living is to acknowledge that you are worthy of the things, people and situations that you desire and that you are loved and protected in the search for these things.

It is easy to sit here in front of a computer and say, "just love yourself and manifest what you want. If you don't like your job, then quit and get one that suits you better." I know these things are easy to say yet hard to believe. I know this because those are the very first thoughts I had when someone told me the same thing.

Believe...I started to think to myself though..."What if it is true? What if I can live the life I want to live and achieve all the things I desire to do before I go home again?" This was my first step towards belief.

As I began to believe, I began to recognise small situations and signs and to take small risks in order to move in the right direction. I would transfer to an ideal teaching location, or I would spend a little money on buying a book I wanted that was brand new (these are small risks to take). I found each step progressively easier and the risk level still seemed the same.

The second stage of belief then, came from the evidence of my own eyes and experiences. Each change I made and 'risk' I took was a step closer to me being able to fulfil my every dream and goal. This gave me courage to take the bigger steps when they became necessary. It led me to have even more trust and faith than I had experienced before. I mean, after all, as I was sitting at 'home' deciding whether I would return to earth and the jobs I would select to do, do you think for one moment I "agreed" to live in fear and poverty or that I chose to experience a life of misery and sadness? I don't think so and quite frankly, neither did you!

That concept of synchronicity comes in here (for more details...see earlier post called "Synchronicity"). When you believe and focus on manifesting positive and life affirming situations, the universe does all it can to make these things happen. The same is true for negative things you dwell on also.

The power and the birthright for you to be living your dreams and being a positive force in the world around you is within your reach. It is completely up to you. Establish, with honesty, the state of belief in which you reside...then reach out and take all of the beautiful and glorious experiences that are yours by manifesting your true life's purpose.

There are sometimes "rough" times and these are when it is even more important to have trust and faith that you are loved and cherished and that you are protected. The tough times occasionally manifest to remind you of the path that will lead to true happiness and fulfillment. Never take your eyes from the prize of a life not just survival.

I have had moments where I have outgrown my current situation, yet have been too afraid to take the risk of moving on. In those moments, those situations all of a sudden become untenable for one reason or another. I take this as my sign to take a deep breath, ask for strength and courage...and then...take the plunge. I haven't fallen on my face yet!

Start living rather than just are worth so much more than that, and it's yours if you would only reach for it...

With love in the light

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