Monday, 16 May 2011


Wow! powerful word with many connotations this one...surrender! This information was delivered to me today in a beautiful way.

Today I ventured out to promote Angel Wings, Faery Dust and Other Magical Things: A Story About Witches, Warlocks and Such to a few beautiful, magical stores I know (and am a frequent visitor to) around my home town. This is a huge step for me as an author and artist. Ego comes into play a lot here for me, there is this little nagging voice in the back of my head on occasion who says, "Who would really want to hear what you have to say?" "Who's going to buy your book?" and other things like that. Really sneaky, my ego is at

My ego however is NO match for my belief, in both myself and the positivity I wish to impart to the world.

So as I set off this morning, I asked my divine team of supporters to wrap me in their love, help me say what I needed to say, and to (as always) give me clear signs and messages that will help me in my true life's purpose.

The whole way in the car (a one and a half hour drive) I felt this amazing sense of calm certainty and each song lyric I caught on the radio was a positive and uplifting message. "You can stand tall with us by your side," "Love is in the air," "I'm just going to be who I want to be" etc. As I walked into the first shop, a bottle of essential oils virtually jumped off the shelf at me, it was in a dark green bottle (one of my favourite healing colours) and I took it off the shelf to have a look. The name of the oil was "Surrender." I replaced the bottle and approached the shop proprietor with my book in hand and had my discussions. I visited other shops as well. In all of the places I went today, the person responsible for purchasing merchandise were not in...bad timing? No, I think an opportunity to learn.

As I progressed through the list of people and places I wished to visit today, things looked a little bleak for a moment or was then I realised I was given a clear message all morning that I was loved, protected and looked after. That my needs both physical and spiritual will (and are met)..all I had to do was surrender.

Easier said than done for a strong, dominant and determined personality like my own.

I got into my car, took some deep cleansing and healing breaths, opened my mind by clearing all thoughts out and....nothing. I was stuck! I didn't know how to completely surrender! I tried again taking the same steps. This time as I breathed out the last healing breath, I said aloud, "I give this up to you to take care of. I surrender." At this point my divine guides jumped in and took over. Of course they were just waiting for my permission as always, before they could help me out.

I found myself feeling calm and relaxed, enjoying the quiet moment of supercharged positive energy in the confines of my car. I physically felt all tension and worry leaving me and saw (in my minds eye) my sneaky little ego get shoved back into a box and told to stay

With the complete surrender of things beyond my control, I could be at peace and focus on the things that really matter (like driving without any fear or worry over my day. I know my story is a good and healing book, and I know that people are ready to read it, so I am not worried by today's events at all.

When you are confronted by a situation that is causing you harm (stress, anxiety, depression) I invite you to surrender yourself and the problem up to the universe and let them take care of it and you. Especially if this situation is simply something completely out of your control.


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