Sunday, 15 May 2011

Erase "bad" moments...

Just recently one of my many beautiful cousins reminded me of a great concept. She was talking about a challenging morning with her young child and she decided that she would spend some quality time playing and baking with him in order to "erase the bad moments" of the morning. What a delightful concept! I love the idea of taking away the affect of negative experiences and energies by replacing them with something positive and delightful.

It is also possible to "take back" those negative thoughts before they can manifest into anything concrete. It is like hitting the delete button on your computer until the negative "stuff" is just gone. I have spoken about this before in a previous post so feel free to look this up if you want some more specifics on how this can be done (or at least, on how I make this concept work for me).

Picture it though, a negative experience in traffic on your way somewhere, a terrible morning at work, negative people you went to see or any other similar experience. How different might that experience settle in your memory banks if you immediately took action to "erase the bad moment"? For example taking a walk in the sunshine during your lunch break to erase the morning at work, singing your favourite song at the top of your voice while sitting in a traffic jam, calling your best friend and giggling over remembered experiences after visiting with negative people.

The memory and impact of the negative experience is soon distant and less impacting.

It is only on dwelling on these experiences and making them sit more firmly in your mind that they have the power to impact you at all. Don't allow that.

Another suggestion might be, at the end of each day, write down all the things that were negative in your day and then burn the piece of paper. Also keep a special note book to write down all the positive things. Challenge yourself to come up with 3-5 things each day that were beautiful or magical. Don't burn these ones, look in the book in those down moments and remember all the beauty that surrounds you. It can be something as simple as the smile of the person who served you your morning coffee, or the fact that the sun came out just as you got off the bus, the rainbow made in a puddle or the fact that you had your favourite cereal for breakfast. All of these things are beautiful and magical if you choose to believe...

Have a magical and wonderful day...

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