Friday, 22 July 2011

The new souls entering our world

You know it's funny how you/I can take for granted the information I have learnt. Often I find myself a little baffled when I speak to other people and they find what I am saying to be a revelation. *smile* I am so used to my way of being and thinking that sometimes I forget that there is a reason I am being asked to share information with others, and that is that they themselves have not learnt it yet. I hope this doesn't sound too arrogant???

I received a message today from one of my Earth angel friends asking about her child. He 'sees' entities that aren't there, plays with them and is sometimes frightened by them. She asked if it were possible he was seeing the spirits of departed souls. This led me to think (and consequently write) about the "new" souls currently arriving in our world.

We are all born with the gifts of being able to communicate with the divine. Over time, some of us "forget" how or have that ability squashed by others in our lives. These precious gifts to the earth; these little ones arriving now will not forget. They know in the very atoms that make up their bodies how to communicate and listen to the divine messages of the universe. If you would like to know a lot more information about these little ones, researching information about crystal children and rainbow children is a good place to start. Alternatively, ask the children themselves. *smile*

My 15 year old always seemed older than his years, and talked often of places and things he could not possibly have done or been to in the time he was on earth with me. He spoke of being in the trenches of World War 1, he spoke of times when he was my parent and often spoke of his faery friends in the garden. At that stage of my own journey, his knowingness frightened me a little, however I followed my instincts and just listened and asked questions about his "adventures". I never gainsay anything he said, nor did I tell him these "memories" were impossible or lies. I just let him be. When he was eight, he was dealing with some pretty heavy stuff and so I took him to receive some reiki. On the way home he said to me, "I'm frustrated!" I asked him why and he replied with, "I know I am here to do something, but I can't remember what it is. What if I never remember?" I still get goose bumps all over when I think of this moment. I did the only thing I could at the time, I replied that he would remember if he followed his heart and that along the way he would learn all the skills he needed to complete his task. That when he had the skills, then he would be able to know clearly how to use them.

Our task in shepherding these children until it is their time to shine, whether as their parent, teacher or other adult in their lives, is to support them, teach them the boundaries that they have as mortals and to trust and listen to their own hearts in order to do the job they came to do.

My youngest son (now 3 years) is a whole other story. He arrived with purpose, could communicate with us instantly and has never (nor do I believe will he ever) lose that knowing look from his eyes. There are many stories I could tell of his experiences and the stories he tells, however, one of the ones that sticks clearly in my mind is his very recent 'visits' from another little boy.

About two months ago, my son started telling me about a little boy who comes to visit him at night. His mother drops him off, and they play. This coincided with some very sleepless nights where my son would not go to sleep, complained of monsters in his bedroom, expressed complete dissatisfaction with the curtains and furniture in his room, and regaled us for as long as we would listen about the little boy who came to visit. I gently questioned him (not wanting to lead him to answers) about his friend and the 'play' they engaged in. I also taught him to shield himself with the help of Archangel Michael to dispel the 'monsters' from his room. The story unfolded that this little boy was coming to him for help and that "my room is the only place he can go". I was concerned that he was taking on light work too early. My role as his mother is to protect, and so I asked the angels to guide the boy and his mother to another safe haven as my son was too little to engage in this work yet. My son was in a fury for days, all the time maintaining this was the ONLY place these people could come. One night not long after this rampage, i got up to him playing and yelling about monsters in the middle of the night. he had a huge grin on his face as he explained about the 'monsters' he was frightened of. I asked him why he had not asked Michael to help him if he was frightened. He stated, "I did, but he didn't come, 'nother man did." I questioned him about who this man was and what he looked like, he said, "You know him. He's the fisher of men." I replied, "You mean a fisherman?" "No Mummy, the fisher of men. He shines like a rainbow. We (he and the other little boy) got in trouble though. We were playing monsters and called the angels for help, and trying to trick them. The man told us to go to sleep and we didn't want to." I tucked him back into bed (with Gabriel's help) and recommended that he follow the man's advice. As i left the room, he was still talking quietly with his friend, but they soon went to sleep and I thought no more on it. The next day my son talked about the "fisher of men" to his Father. As this conversation progressed, it dawned on me, from my Catholic background, who it was he had spoken to. This "man"  "lived long long time ago in a hot place, and he had heaps of friends and his daddy was like you who builds stuff (my partner is a carpenter) and he was nice and all, but I got in trouble because I was being silly."

After the goose bumps went away, I laughed myself silly, almost literally rolling on the floor. My partner, used to my eccentricities, was a little baffled by this one. I laughingly told him, that when our son had called on Michael for help with the play "monsters" he got a little more than he bargained for. It seems Jesus took an interest and made him go to sleep when he didn't want to.

These are the stories of our "new" souls. I have heard so many of them from different sources and I have taught many of them. If i could ask you to do one thing, it would be to embrace their stories, to encourage them to tell you about them, and to not automatically dismiss what they are saying as childhood imagination; for while it may be (and in some cases definitely is) they are a pure conduit for divine energy, and we (the world) need them to remember for all of our sakes.

With love and light


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