Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cleansing ritual

Yesterday I was feeling very bogged down in the energy coming from the ego's of others. While I tried all of my usual "tricks" (*smile*) to rid myself of this unwanted energy and fear, nothing seemed to take it away completely. Finally I was led to remembering that water has so many cleansing and healing properties.

I immediately decided on a cleansing and healing ritual using water to get rid of these 'nasties' that were apparently refusing to be transmuted into love energy.

I ran a bath. While the water was flowing, I put my hands into it and expressed my desire that the water contain all of the healing properties I required and for the spirit of love and positive energy be imbibed in the water. (You could also include some healing energy from plants by including flower petals and or essences and oils). When the bath was full, I sat in the water and poured handfulls of it over my whole body, asking at the same time that the negative energy and the fear be washed from me. I continued this action until I felt better and could feel the fear releasing me (or probably more appropriately, me releasing the fear). As I got out of the water, I expressed my wish that all of that negative energy be purged from the water before it returned to the Earth and water ways and envisaged the 'nasties' flowing down the plug hole with the water to be filtered by the earth before reaching its next destination.

The changes were/are immediate. I felt centered, calm and balanced and today was able to perform tasks I find distasteful but at this stage necessary.

It comes to me as well that I recall using water in this way in the past. Instead of sitting in the water, I have drunk it, first asking for the water to be imbibed with divine energy and healing properties. This works also and is probably a little more socially acceptable for the work place than running a bath *smile*.

If you are feeling like you are a little bit pushed under by things you cannot control (such as the ego's and actions of others) then using the healing properties of water by bathing or drinking it, is a perfect way to help you restore your balance and get rid of negative or otherwise harmful energies.

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