Monday, 25 July 2011

Moving forward fearlessly

Life is the biggest and most exciting adventure. The more you learn to trust your instincts and the messages delivered to you from your heart, the more wonderful the journey becomes. In the moment though, when you know the difference between what you want to be doing and what you are actually doing, there can come a time of fear and anxiety.

The ego is very clever in these moments at putting thoughts inside your head like, "What if this is the wrong decision?" "How will I pay my bills?" "But this is a secure job and I like most of it?" and other assorted statements relating to your situation. These thoughts really are fear and nothing else.

The only things that are real are those that come from a source of love. Things that emanate from fear are actually our imagination making the worse case scenario real. We choose what happens around us and to us, we choose the life we lead. Our heart and soul are pure and free from fear, it is only our ego that attempts to get us to manifest our worse nightmares and our fears.

This is something that requires conscious acknowledgement and determination to get past. It is only through knowing your heart's desires and knowing the things you fear that you can dismiss them and move forward without fear, knowing, that when you decide to follow your heart, the universe will do everything to assist you.

I hear a saying once; fear is False Evidence Appearing Real!

This is the truth of fear. Things we are afraid of are of our own making, things we fear to do, are not always harmful, in fact may be the exact direction we need to be going. Fear has many guises; it is a tightening of the stomach muscles, it is shortness of breath, it is sweating and fever, it is anxiety, depression, angst, shaking, butterflies in the tummy, weak knees, cruel words; all of these things are fear.

Fear is created; this means it can be dismissed. Listen to the messages your body is telling you and discover a genuine feeling that your person is at risk (example; walking down a dark alley, at night, alone) and things that are not a genuine risk (example, public speaking and spiders).

The things that make you fearful, even though you are not at risk at all, require your attention. One way to eliminate fear is to hold it up to scrutiny. I ask myself a series of questions whenever fear makes me hesitate:

1. Is this a genuine fear? Am I at risk?
2. What is it exactly that I am afraid of?
3. If this fear eventuated, what are the worst things that can happen?
4. What would happen if I stepped around this fear and moved on anyway?
5. Where does this fear come from? Is it mine or someone else's?
6. Who can I ask to support me rather than feed my fears?

When I have answered these questions for myself, in a quiet and contemplative way, I usually find the fear has either evaporated or become small and insignificant. Most of our fears are of things we don't know about. If you examine a fear, turn it every which way in your mind's eye, and make it come out of the dark, it's not scary anymore. Couple this action with trust and faith (in yourself) and the fear disappears; you walk forward on your journey fearlessly and with the courage of your convictions!

With love and light

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