Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Energy takers

As light workers, we all do what we can for the people around us. I know I cannot walk away or turn my back on someone who requires support or help that I can offer. Sometimes though, it is a case of giving an inch and others taking a mile. This can be either conscious or an unconscious act. Either way, it can take it's toll on you physically and emotionally.

I have found at times that i am using a lot of energy in my healing work where it is simply not necessary to do so. Generally speaking, it is not my energy I use, I use the assistance of the divine team I work with (with their permission and instruction of course) so I am not tired at the end of a day healing. The times when I feel wrung out like an old dish rag are the times when people are taking energy from me without permission.

This does not mean the other person is a "bad" person, in fact, they are quite likely unaware that they are doing it. This doesn't mean it should be allowed to continue either.

There are some strategies you can use when you are around people who take energy from you that will nullify the effects.

Build a shield around yourself consciously before any encounter with others you perceive as being difficult to work with, or who leave you with a feeling of tiredness or frustration once the conversation/encounter ends. Imagine a shining light (I always use purple light, but the colour choice is up to you) surrounding you and then hardening to form a crystalline shell. Reinforce this shield mentally by describing what it is for. For example, "Shield me from the negative energies of others, only love energy can pass this barrier. This shield protects me from those who would take my energy without my permission."

When you are in the presence of someone who would take your energy, take deep, cleansing breaths. Breathe really deeply so that you can feel it in the bottom of your lungs. A good way to practice this, is to lie flat on your back and take a big breath. When you lie on your back, you are forced into breathing correctly and into the bottom of your lungs. Remember this feeling and emulate it while standing. In doing this deep breathing, you are protecting yourself from the energy of others.

It also helps to verbally deny this person permission. Not to them, remember they are most likely unaware of what they are doing. State out loud to yourself, or inside your head, "I withdraw permission for you to take my energy."

Then, most importantly, forgive them for doing this. It is more than likely an accident on their part, and even if it is not, the only true thoughts and actions come from a place of love. Taking energy from you is not the correct choice, however all creatures are deserving of love, compassion and forgiveness. In forgiveness, we strengthen our own being and lessen the impact of negativity.

It is not allowable for people to take what they want from you without your consent, it is very easy to withdraw your permission for them to do so; and strengthen your shield of protection through forgiveness and deep breathing.

With love and light

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