Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Where do you start?

If you are only beginning your journey towards living the life you dream and therefore bringing love and light energy to the world, it can be difficult to know where to start.
All of these blog posts offer suggestions on things you can do in order to help you on your way, and the fact that you are reading them means you have already started. you see, it began with your willingness to decide to follow your heart and be passionate about what you do. Great news!!!! You are on the path already because you have chosen to open your mind and heart and learn something new.

The way it all began for me (and I don't mean the moment where I realised there was more to life than existence, I mean actually taking action to make it so) was by writing it down.

I wrote myself a mission statement; a statement defining the person I desired to be and the way in which I desired to interact with the world and people around me. It goes like this:

My mission is to bring love and peace to the people around me, to enhance the lives of those I come into contact with, and to create an environment of beauty and energy. I act with honesty and integrity at all times and participate in even the smallest task with enthusiasm. I lead others by example in finding their path and trustingly follow my own journey, knowing the world will benefit.

Do you think at the very beginning, placing this first foot on the path, that all of the things I have written above were undeniably, ALWAYS, emphatically true in my current reality? If you said yes, thank you for the faith. However, the answer is no, I was not always the person I wrote about, nor am I always this person now. What I did/do though, is wrote down the person I desired in myself and then, everyday, I acted as though it were true. Everyday, I matched actions to words, attempting to uphold the word I had written and live up to the expectations I lay on myself for the type of person I wished to be.

Every day still, I read my personal mission statement, and do my very best to make actions match the words I wrote.

Being smart people, I know you have already anticipated what the result was/is!

Of course I became more and more like the person in my mission statement, and I grow more and more towards this goal. I am not perfect by any stretch of the word. My goal is to BE this person, without having to think about it, or ponder it or make myself conform to these expectations. There are days when this description doesn't really suit the actions I have taken, but thankfully, those are really few and far between. No one placed these values upon me, or told me this was the type of person the world would benefit from knowing. This is what I personally feel are the desirable characteristics of the "perfect" me. The only one I would let down by not meeting these expectations is me, except that I am forgiving of myself when I make mistakes and just focus more intently on this goal in future circumstances.

A great place to start your journey is at its saying this I mean to decide where you want to end up, and who you want to be. Put this in to words, and then live as though it is already true.

With love and light

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