Thursday, 28 July 2011

Living "healthfully"

Food is such an integral part of our existence, and if we're not careful, it can consume our thoughts in a really unhealthy way. The message I was given to pass on to you today is about food and eating in a way that is healthful, in other words, designed to lead to divine and perfect health.

Not so long ago, I was most definitely NOT eating for divine and perfect health. It started with a whole list of issues with my teeth whereby eating was a nightmare of nerve pain. I ate only soft foods like yogurt (left out to go warm) and mashed potato (left to go room temperature). It most definitely cannot be said that I was eating a healthy or balanced diet. I started to loose a lot of weight, my body gave up on giving me signals that it required fuel (no headaches, belly rumblings or hunger pains at all). In short, I was heading down a very quick path towards starving myself to death, albeit unintentionally.

The first st6ep in recovering was of course, to get my teeth repaired!

That having been achieved, I had to go about the task of relearning to eat. My body had developed such a habit of not eating, that I actually had to work at remembering to eat regularly and healthfully.

Our bodies are so intricately designed in perfect balance and harmony with the universe. However, being a part of us, they are also subjected to our ego as well.

Taking matters in hand was/is as simple as listening to the things my body desired to return to, and maintain that perfect balance. For each of us, this is different depending on our life style, our energy 'usage' and a whole list of other factors.

The first thing I did though, was ask my body to switch off anything that came from my ego, such as statements like, "will this make me fat?" or "This isn't going to be good for me and so I'll enjoy it all the more" (you know what I'm talking about...chocolate brownies and the like *smile*) and any other statements relating to food, that served no other purpose than to place guilt or blame on the process of eating. I then asked my body to switch back on all the receptors I had unwittingly switched off, so that I could be made aware of when I needed refueling. The third and final thing I asked of my body, was that it was only to crave for, and consequently ask for, the things required for maintaining balance and living in divine and perfect health.

With those directives having being issued (in order to block out can be sneaky remember) I sat back to "listen".

A few months down the track, I have gained the weight I needed, I eat fresh fruit and veggies and eat them regularly (small portions a few times a day and so on), I rarely, if ever eat meat, I don't have cravings or even the desire to eat chocolate, fast food or anything that might be construed as "bad" for me, my caffeine intake has reduced and I rarely, if ever, consume alcohol! All of this because I asked my body to do a couple of things, and then listened to what it was/is telling me.

I eat when I am hungry and exactly what my body asks for. If I "feel" like pancakes and fruit for lunch, then that's what I eat. If I "feel" like chocolate, then I eat it. I have placed no strictures on myself or my body other than to crave only the things that are healthful! I don't feel like I am restricted in my choice of foods, I also don't feel any guilt or sense of punishment over what I eat or don't eat. Food no longer consumes my thinking or my choices.

This same principle can also be applied to exercise or anything else related to your body.

The world of food, diet, exercise and all of those bodily concerns becomes insignificant when you listen to what your body requires to maintain its perfect balance with the universe.

With love, light and freedom


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