Sunday, 31 July 2011

Struggle (again)

Nearly every conversation I have had in the last few days has contained content involving the concept of "struggle". I asked myself why this topic was comming up again, it seemed to me I had let go of the sense of struggling to achieve, and allowed myself to flow smoothly from one thing to another in steps towards the end goal. So why then, was this concept being bought to my attention again? I am still not sure, but felt the need to talk about it again here.

The current thinking (which is thankfully changing) ascribes value to something related to the difficulty in gaining or achieving it. Statements like, "Anything worth having is worth fighting for," and "You get what you pay for," etc all buy into this notion that in order for something to have value or meaning, you have to have suffered in order to get it.

This is such a massive misconception!

I beleive it comes from a sense of your self worth. No one signs their contract volunteering for pain, suffering and struggle, so I don't really know why a lot of people insist on thinking that this is a price you must pay in order to be successful. While it is true that pain can be an educator...a small child touching something hot and burning their hand knows not to touch it again...I don't beleive this is the plan or that we are required to suffer in any way in order to reach our goals and become our perfect selves. It is this kind of thinking that induces those other nasties like guilt, blame, recrimination, jealousy and hate. None of these concepts are a part of the big picture (or even the small picture) at all.

Put aside forever the concept that you have to fight or struggle to reach your goals. The law of attraction means that if this is what you feel has to happen, then that is what the universe will provide to you in order to meet your desires.

This is an amazing and beautiful world and our adventure is remarkable, filled with light and joyous. This is the plan, this is what we signed up for, anything else is a manifestation of the concept that fighting for and suffering for is the only way we can appreciate the gifts we have and the achievements we gain.

Start yourself off with an affirmation like, "The world is light and full of blessings. My path through life is delightful and filled with joy." Change the words to suit you, but please do start bringing this kind of energy to yourself. You are not required to fight any battles, this has been done and is not required of us. Our duty is to live blissful and beautiful lives that move us steadily towards our goals and divine energy. It really is as simple as that.

With love and light

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